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Formula Ford

img043_1Formula Ford is motor-sports biggest success story. It is a story that started back in 1967 when this exciting new formula was announced. In the forty three years that have followed much has changed but the competitiveness of it's racing has remained a consistent factor. Using similar powered engines the cars generate speeds approaching 145 mph, the lightweight chassis and racing tyres produce rocket like acceleration and prodigious cornering speeds.

Many Grand Prix drivers have used Formula Ford as a stepping stone to greater things, Michael Schmacher, Nigel Mansell, Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill, David Coulthard,Mark Webber and Jenson Button have all honed their skills in the cut and thrust world of Formula Ford before climbing the ladder of success.

A massive and thriving industry revolves around the worldwide success of Formula Ford. It has created a multi million pound export business for Britain over four decades and looks set to thrive in the future.